The Lemon,
noble prince
dressed in yellow

An extraordinary ambassador of history and identity, embodying the art, culture and food of our extraordinary country, Italy

Record of protected productions,
far 7

lemons igp italy

A country full of wonders and the undisputed home of lemons, with the prestigious world record of no less than seven PGIs, Protected Geographical Indications.

We are the country devoted to the production of lemons.

Italy is an expression of extraordinary biodiversity with ancient roots that make Italian lemon growing unique in the world and reflect its history in our country, quite different from other states where lemons have been recently introduced.

All the freshness of Italian Lemon


Welcome to the heart of Italian tradition with our 100% Made in Italy lemon juice, an authentic taste experience directly from the suitable territories of Sicily, Calabria, Campania
and excellence guaranteed by PGI protection consortium. Our Pure Limmi Lemon Juice is the result of squeezing lemons harvested by hand with care and passion, capturing the richness and freshness of the fruit ripened under the warm Italian sun.

Cold-pressed to ensure the highest quality and preserve the lemons’ natural, vibrant flavor intact. Every sip of this juice offers an explosion of authenticity and pleasure. Enjoy the genuine taste of Italy in every drop of lemon juice, a reflection of our commitment to bring the best Italian experience directly to your table.

Limmi: pure juice of lemons


Bottled Pure Limmi Lemon Juice is cold-pressed as you would at home and offers a longer shelf life than fresh lemon juice, which tends to spoil quickly.
This means that you can conveniently store bottled Limmi lemon juice in your refrigerator for an extended period of time without having to worry about it losing its fresh flavor and beneficial, organoleptic properties.

Zero waste


Thanks to the integrated food supply chain we are part of, we strive to maximize the use of every part of the lemon, avoiding any waste. Each component of the fruit is valuable and is used in various stages of an expanded production chain, finding applications ranging from pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cosmetics and of course food. In this way, we ensure that we make full use of the resources offered by nature and offer high quality, sustainable and responsible products.

Limmi, our new family

from sicily sun

What makes our products unique

  • Only Italian lemons, from the vocated territories Sicily, Campania, Calabria
  • Handpicked
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Practicality, seedless
  • Sustainability
  • Taste, no sugar
  • For a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Zero Waste, all parts of the fruit have a use
  • Cold pressed as at home


Citrus Fruit of Excellence

Our product of choice is the pure juice of Italian lemons cold-pressed from fruit guaranteed by a PGI supply chain and protection consortium. Raw material of absolute excellence is the Syracuse PGI Lemon, which grows bountifully along the fertile, flat coast between the sea and the Syracuse hinterland where it is harvested strictly by hand.

The PGI specification guarantees the harmonious development of the plant, which must always be subject to proper aeration, with a maximum density of 400-500 shrubs per hectare. The soil composition and microclimate, within 210 meters above sea level, create ideal conditions for a particularly juicy and aromatic fruit , rich in oil glands in the skin, as well as valuable substances such as vitamin C, mineral salts and antioxidants


Citrus Fruit of Excellence

From the Limmi family also comes Lime juice, a citrus fruit typical of South and Central America that is distinguished by the yellow-green color of its skin and pulp and its pleasantly tart taste.
The possibility of fresh lime produced in Italy is being worked on.


Citrus Fruit of Excellence

A fruit with exceptional beneficial virtues, bergamot is the green gold of Calabria, known and appreciated all over the world.
Production is concentrated in a small strip of land along the Ionian coast of Calabria, caressed by the sea and protected by the mountains.

The ideal conditions created for this extraordinary fruit are only in this area, where it is harvested by hand. A true natural antioxidant with energizing and invigorating properties to control and keep our bodies healthy.

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