and its gardens by the sea

The lemon groves of the suitable territories are like “gardens by the sea,” kissed by the smiling, warm sun. They characterize the agrarian landscape of our Mediterranean coasts.

Suitable Territories

Gardens by the sea

The cultivation of lemons, although extended over a vast coastal stretch in the suitable territories of Sicily, Calabria, and Campania, maintains surprisingly homogeneous characteristics.

This homogeneity is guaranteed by a favorable climate, lime-rich and well-watered alluvial soils, a selection of quality lemon varieties, and above all by the human element: the pride and passion of the farmers who devote love and care to their “lemon garden.”

Citrus Fruit of Excellence


In an area immersed in beauty and nature that is unique in the world, they guard islands of biodiversity; they are balanced agroecosystems in which the cycle of life, from pollinating insects to the vegetation growing wild at the base of the trees, is the common thread for sustainable productions.
A unique, emotionally dense quality.

A Territory Loaded with History and Passion

Record number of protected productions, as many as 7

the country of the Lemon

The Zero Waste Fruit Peel, albedo, pulp, juice and even the leaves and seeds: of the natural edible-peel lemon, nothing is thrown away

The writer “Goethe” defined us thus in 1796 : “Do you know the land where the lemons bloom…”

We are the country devoted to the production of lemons. We are an expression of an extraordinary biodiversity with ancient roots that makes Italian lemon growing unique in the world and reflects its history in our country. The only country in the world that holds the record for number of productions, protected PGI by the European Union, as many as seven.

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