The many uses
of the Juice of
Limmi Lemons

Living with Taste and Health: Limmi Lemon Juice is more than just an ingredient: it is a health ally and a touch of versatility in the kitchen and beyond.

The convenience of the bottled packaging of Limmi’s Pure Italian Lemon Juice allows the juice to be stored for a longer period of time, ensuring a fresh and intense aroma without having to resort to the frequent purchase of fresh lemons.

On Awakening

limmi 100% lemon juice: ITALIAN valuable source of vitamin c

If you start your day with a glass of water and lemon juice before breakfast, on an empty stomach, you promote optimal absorption of water and vitamin C. This combination invigorates the immune system, providing an boost for your body to face the day with energy and vitality.

During your Sports Activities

limmi: all the convenience of lemon juice

Add Limmi lemon juice to your water bottle for a refreshing drink during your workout. Lemon adds a touch of flavor and also provides a small amount of carbohydrates and vitamin C, which can help maintain energy during physical activity.

In the Kitchen

limmi: lemon juice that is versatile and convenient even in the kitchen

Limmi lemon juice is a versatile ingredient in cooking and can be used in many different ways such as for meat and fish marinades, as a salad dressing, as the base of many sauces and dressings for example by mixing it with oil and fresh herbs, as an ingredient in ‘cake mixes, as a natural preservative to prevent oxidation on vegetables and fruits.

The creative game

TO develop sensory awareness IN CHILDREN.

Children can be engaged through engaging sensory play using all parts of the lemon. They can explore the texture, scent and flavor of the lemon through activities such as cutting, squeezing and smelling the fruit. This can help them develop sensory awareness and learn new information about food and plants.

For a style
of healthy living

limmi: only cold-pressed, hand-picked Italian lemons

The quality, freshness and versatility of our Lemon juice allows you to use it many times during the day. We use only lemons grown using eco-friendly agricultural practices with a focus on supporting local producers in Sicily, Campania and Calabria.

Afternoon tea


Lemon juice is a popular accompaniment for tea, appreciated for several reasons. First of all, it adds a touch of freshness and acidity that improves the overall taste of the tea, making it more inviting and delicious. In addition, lemon juice contributes along with tea and herbal tea to improve digestion. The convenience of Limmi Pure Lemon Juice is ideal for flavoring teas and herbal teas

A drink with friends

limmi: ITALIAN LEMON JUICE for your evenings

Lemon is a key ingredient in the preparation of a wide range of drinks. Added to classic drinks such as the Mojito or Margarita, lemon perfectly balances the other ingredients, offering a mix of acidity and sweetness that delights the palate. In addition, lemon is versatile and adapts well to a variety of drinks, from summer lemonades to refreshing soft drinks.

The well-being in the evening


At the end of a busy day, lemon juice can become a valuable ally in promoting evening well-being. With its many applications, lemon juice offers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. A cup of warm lemon herbal tea can be a perfect cuddle before bedtime, while a bath flavored with fresh lemon juice offers a moment of tranquility and pleasure.

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