Father’s Day: let your child be the chef

children in the kitchen

What’s an original gift for Father’s day? A lemon-based meal prepared by young chefs! We selected 4 lemon-based recipes, brimming with bright and masculine energy, bound to make even the surliest Dads break into a smile. To make it happen, however, you’ll need to let your child be the chef, and help him prepare a […]

A Sweet Christmas with the Children

Christmas with the Children

Click play and close your eyes. Now tell the truth, did it not bring you back to the times you spent waiting for Santa Clause? Ah, such fond memories, and how wonderful it is to watch the children smile excitedly by the blinking lights of the Christmas tree! Let’s delight in spending Christmas and New […]

Special Christmas Gifts in Yellow

Are you thinking about Christmas gifts? Here you are some ideas for very orginal lemon colour gifts, yellow as the sun naturally, yellow as our precious Limmi lemon juice. A warm gift to heat this cold winter with a touch of colour? What about these yellow hats? A classic cap, an elegant cylinder, baby hat […]