What’s that on your head? A lemon?!

Fedora, pillbox, beret, bowler, top, Panama, Busby, skullcap, sombrero, turban, you name it,  wear it …on your head of course! Have you already completed your “seasonal wardrobe” change? Well, now’s the time to also think about headwear… Tuck your straw hats, visors and bandanas up in the attic, and say hello to warm, cosy, cold […]

Feet rady, set, go lemon!

Leave it to Japan to sooth the cravings of all lemon addicts. The juicy Converse All Star FRUIT HI are trendy, brightly coloured and cheery, just like the lemon slice pattern of these 1980s nostalgic hi-tops which have been flying off store shelves and right onto the feet of youngsters and youngster wannabes lucky enough […]