The Golden Pomes of the Hesperides

The Hesperides Hesiod’s Theogony describes the Nymphs of the Sunset as Daughters of the Night, but Greek mythology also had them as daughters of Zeus and Themis, Tethys and Oceanus, Forco and Ceto. The most confirmed version sees them daughters of Atlas and Hesperide. Their number is not certain, it seems however they were three, […]

Personalities who made the history… of lemon!

2 slices of lemon

The Persian apples of Alexander the Great Alexander the Great, king of the Macedonians, was used to eating the yellow fruit during his Persian campaigns, from here the epithet: ” Persian apple”. Columbus’s lemons Christopher Columbus discovered America and Americans discovered lemon thanks to the Genoese navigator. It was Columbus in fact who planted the […]

The origins

Symbol of the Mediterranean warmth and sun, the lemon has nevertheless Asian origins and comes precisely from the Far East (India and China) were it was found growing wild. Known in China, India and in the Mesopotamian civilizations for its antiseptic, anti-rheumatic and refreshing properties and considered sacred in Muslim countries, it was mainly used as an antidote against poisons, […]