Angler with saffron and lemon sauce

Angler, commonly known as monkfish, is a very versatile fish for cooking: perfect for baking or as a condiment for pasta and rice dishes, with its firm flesh that usually remains compact during cooking.

In this delicious variant, the angler is divided into small portions and accompanied by a saffron sauce with a bold taste, enhanced further with lemon juice. Prepare the fish into bite-sized pieces, cook them in a pan and lay them on a base of sauce enhanced with pink pepper… you will see that this dish, in addition to being very appetising and light, is a mix of especially unique and lively colours!


[Serves 8]
  • 400 g Angler filets
  • 1 clove of Garlic
  • 1 Sprig of Thyme
  • 10 ml Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Salt to taste
For the sauce
  • 5 g Rice flour
  • 1 envelope of Saffron
  • 5 g Pink peppercorns
  • 30 ml Lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • 20 ml Extra-virgin olive oil
  • 100 ml Vegetable broth


To prepare the angler in saffron and lemon sauce: cut the angler into slices; remove the bones with a knife and then remove the skin. Cut the cleaned slices in half and then into chunks, tying them with cooking twine: you should get 8 small medallions of angler.

Remove the leaves of thyme from the sprig and sprinkle them over each piece, then set the fish aside. Next prepare the sauce: pour the oil and lemon into a pan; add the envelope of saffron and let it dissolve. Add the pink pepper and let the sauce thicken. Then sift the rice flour into the pan and mix well with a whisk to thicken the flour without causing lumps. Continuing with the whisk, pour in the vegetable broth too; add salt and pepper to taste and cook for a few minutes until the sauce is cream.

Once it is ready, turn off the burner and set aside. In another pan, heat the oil and add the garlic clove. Once it browns, remove the garlic and put in the angler medallions.

Cook for a few minutes over a medium flame and gently turn the medallions with cooking tweezers; once they have browned on both sides, turn off the burner. Pour the saffron and lemon sauce (which will be the base for the fish) on a serving dish and lay the angler medallions on top. Drizzle a bit of the sauce on top and serve.