Antioxidant Smoothie

You absolutely have to try the delicious combination of seasonal fruit in this iconic smoothie. The polyphenols in grapes and berries are a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents and help combat cellular aging as well as cardiovascular diseases.

We recommend having this smoothie as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

To prepare it you’ll need:

  • 150 g grapes
  • 150 g berries (blueberries, blackberries and/or raspberries)
  • 6 tablespoons LIMMI lemon juice
  • 100 ml plain low-fat yogurt
  • A few ice cubes


Wash the grapes and berries thoroughly. Slice the grapes in half, remove the seeds, and place them in a blender with the berries. Add the lemon juice, low-fat yogurt, and ice cubes. Blend everything together till smooth, creamy and delicious.

Happy detox!