April sweet dreams

Spring is finally here. Fine weather will carry us trough a much awaited summer, but not without a  tiny bit of inconvenience; many of us will generally feel tired and sleepy.

The Italian adage “April sweet dreams” is a scientifically proven truth. There are in fact neurological reasons why in spring we feel like indulging in sheer laziness or watching television for long periods of time.

Our bodies need to build additional energy to face the brighter light and rising temperatures of spring, and sleep is the best way to do it.
Estimates show that a middle-aged individual in average physical and mental condition will need an extra week of rest.
Unfortunately these changes affect insomniacs and most of all the elderly, as our biological clocks wear down over time.

We strongly recommend for you to listen to your body’s needs during this season and avoid taking  excessive doses of any pharmaceutical agent to counteract its effects. Try drinking a hot herbal tea infused with valerian, passion flower, and camomile at bedtime instead, or a few drops of Tilia (commonly known as Silver Lime in the UK, and Silver Linden in the US), available at most herbalists or natural supplement stores.

Sweet dreams!