Limone sul Garda

How about a lemon-scented spring getaway? We’ll take you to the northernmost place in the world where lemons can grow. Limone sul Garda, once marked the boundary (“limen” in Latin) between Brescia and the Bishopric of Trento. The town is

Limone Piemonte

How to get to Limone Piemonte Set your GPS for the north-western Italian-French border, and the province of Cuneo. By automobile, you can reach Limone from Turin by taking the A6 expressway and exit at Fossano, or at Mondovi if


Limone Piemonte & The Dolomites

Limone Piemonte Is a famous ski resort at 1010 m. above sea level near Cuneo (Italy) and its name developed from the Occitan ‘li mount’> ‘the mountains’. The Riserva Bianca, near the Riviera di Ponente seaside (Liguria-Italy) and the glamorous Monte Carlo, is



“Sicily is the country of oranges, a flower- filled land whose scent permeates the air at springtime….Yet what makes it a truly unique place in this world and one everyone should visit is the fact that, from one end to


Christmas Holidays

Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the most exquisitely beautiful and luxurious town in the entire world, nestled on the Persian Gulf coast. Its a mesmerizing oxymoron that ties the infinitely silent desert with the sparkling


Bike in Umbria: pedal through the land of Saint Francis

Need to shed a few pounds to fit in your party dress? Would you like to spend a week-end outdoors, surrounded by the lush, green hills of Umbria? We suggest an eco-friendly, stimulating bike tour . It’s the perfect way


Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

How long has lemon been cultivated in Campania? For a very long time; frescos depicting this heavenly fruit have been discovered on the walls of homes in Pompeii, buried in ash ever since the 79 A.D. eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Lemon is truly precious