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children in the kitchen

Father’s Day: let your child be the chef

What’s an original gift for Father’s day? A lemon-based meal prepared by young chefs! We selected 4 lemon-based recipes, brimming with bright and masculine energy, bound to make even the surliest Dads break into a smile. To make it happen,

summer reading

Books: A Thriller Under The Sun

Swim suits Sunscreen Beach Towel Canteen filled with grandma’s fresh lemonade …yet something is missing from your holiday to do list! What? Surely you’ll need a book to read under the beach umbrella. An enthralling story that sparks your imagination, in

Christmas with the Children

A Sweet Christmas with the Children

Click play and close your eyes. Now tell the truth, did it not bring you back to the times you spent waiting for Santa Clause? Ah, such fond memories, and how wonderful it is to watch the children smile excitedly