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The Flemish breakfasts of 17th century

In Holland still lives were called ontbijt (breakfasts), a widespread genre among the Flemish artists of the 17th century. Through the elements typical of the paintings: the Romer, traditional german glass used for the Rhine white wine, the saltcellar surmounted by a china plate


Yellow on yellow artworks

“Giallo, rosso, blu” (Yellow, red, blue) is a 127×200 cm oil on canvas painting created in 1925 by Vasily Kandinsky. The painting belongs to the “geometric” period of the artist’s life, when Kandinsky resided in Bauhaus. Curves and lines alternate, meet and


The season for: Squash

Squash belongs to the Curcubitacea family, native to central America. Like lemons, squash started being widely cultivated in Europe after Christopher Columbus made his famous discovery. Squash is an anti-oxidant, hypo caloric vegetable. Its yellow and orange colours according to chromotherapy, evoke feelings


Easter Around the World

The word “Easter” derives from ancient Hebrew, “pesach”, which references the Hebrews’ exodus from Egyptian slavery and journey towards freedom. The same theme of “passage” is echoed in the transition from the rigors of winter to the warm weather that


Easter in the Hebrew tradition

The holiday commonly known as Easter, in spite of obvious differences, derives from the Jewish festivity the Torah calls “Pesach”, also known as “Passover”…

Yellow weddings

Yellow weddings

May is the month to celebrate mother’s day, baptismal, first communions and confirmations….but the foremost among these traditional May events is a milestone in everyone’s life, a new path to venture on, a new life to be built…by two. What

In September lemon is in a holiday mood

Are holidays finished and is return to work really stressful? Why not to spend a light-hearted weekend chasing lemons touring round Italy? A bit of yellow to cheer minds up and start working again in style! Every Friday in September


Christmas Markets

What could be more Christmassy than strolling  among the stands in enchanting plazas illuminated by  Christmas lights? Let the festive mood permeate and lift your spirit… it’s Christmas Markets time! Who knows how many times you peeked and experienced the thrill of discovering the perfect hand


The Golden Pomes of the Hesperides

The Hesperides Hesiod’s Theogony describes the Nymphs of the Sunset as Daughters of the Night, but Greek mythology also had them as daughters of Zeus and Themis, Tethys and Oceanus, Forco and Ceto. The most confirmed version sees them daughters