Artichokes and Topinambur Salad with Lemon Juice

Did you know that February is the month of purification? The name of the second month of the year derives from the ancient Latin term februare (purify), and tied to the pagan worship of the Etruscan god Februus.

So let’s purify ourselves with this vegan recipe, which is extremely beneficial for our liver.

3 purifying ingredients

1. Topinambur

The topinambur is a tuber that looks like a potato, and vaguely tastes like artichoke. Also known as “rapa tedesca” in Italy or Jerusalem artichoke, it is harvested in winter, is rich in inulin, reduces cholesterol and stabilizes blood glucose levels.

2. Artichoke

The artichoke has many beneficial properties: it facilitates diuresis, eliminates toxins, reduces cholesterol, promotes digestion, and protects the liver. Neruda even wrote a poem about it, Oda a la Arcachofa (Ode to the artichoke)

3. Arugula

With a decisive, slightly bitter taste, arugula is a natural source of folic acid, is an appetite stimulant and known for its purifying, detoxifying, and highly diuretic properties.

Vegan salad with artichokes, topinambur and lemon juice


  • 3 artichokes
  • 500 g topinambur
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 bunch of arugula
  • 1 sprig of parsley
  • 12 tablespoons LIMMI Lemon Juice
  • Aulus brand extra-virgin olive oil to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Thoroughly wash the topinambur, slice it and place it a bowl filled with water and Limmi lemon juice. Like artichokes, topinambur tends to oxidize.

Thoroughly wash the artichokes, discard the toughest outer leaves, cut them in half and remove the choke within then. Julienne the artichokes and place them in a bowl with tater, Limmi lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Heat a little extra-virgin olive oil in a pan with the unpeeled garlic clove, then add the sliced topinambur and season to taste. Deglaze with a bit of white wine, sprinkle with parsley, add a little bit of water and let it cook for about 20 minutes.

Wash the arugula and arrange it on the serving dish. Top with the marinated artichokes, sliced topinambur and lastly dress the salad with Limmi lemon juice and Aulus extra-virgin olive oil.

Happy purification!

How do you clean artichokes?

First of all, you must cut off the toughest part of each leaf, the tips and thorns. Then cut off the entire stem, or part of it, and especially the outer layer, which is extremely tough and very bitter.

Discard the darker outer leaves, and cut the choke – the inedible hair-like filaments– out of the middle of the artichoke. Remember that cut artichokes oxidize when exposed to air, so to keep them from turning brown, marinate them in a solution of water and Limmi lemon juice.