Books: A Thriller Under The Sun

…yet something is missing from your holiday to do list! What? Surely you’ll need a book to read under the beach umbrella. An enthralling story that sparks your imagination, in tune with the sun and fragrance of lemon juice.

A thriller, that’s what you need.

On the internet we found 5 perfect thrillers you can read under the sun.

Find your favorite on the list, and let the chills of suspense run down your spine and dampen the summer heat.

We matched each novel with a cocktail, for those whose “favorite reading time is Happy Hour”!

5 new crime thrillers to read this summer

  1. Camino Island  by John Grisham, best read while sipping a Margarita that evokes the sunny location of the story, the fictitious Camino Island city of Santa Rosa, Florida.
  2. The Restless Dead  by Simon Beckett, a turbid, visceral thriller as strong as Bacardi
  3. Good as Gone by Amy Gentry, a novel as bitter-sweet as Caipirihna 
  4. Into The Water , an enthralling novel by the British author of “The Girl on the Train” bestseller, Paula Hawkins, best enjoyed with Hemingway’s favorite drink
  5. The Witch by Camilla Läckberg, which calls for a gin and lemon cocktail as chilling and thrilling as its plot.

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