Buzzzz..Mosquitoes All Around

Let’s learn how to make anti-mosquitoes lemon-flavored candles.

What we need

  • Old candles
  • 1 glass to use as mould
  • 1 pot
  • 1 little pot Yellow wax pastels
  • Lemon essential oil – 10ml per 1 litre wax
  • 1 wick (you can employ one of an old candle)

Let’s begin


Fill the big pot with water and heat over a low flame. Dip the small pot – carrying pieces of old candles without wicks – into the bigger one, then melt down in bain-marie.
Do not boil water: keep temperature at 55° C (monitor with a cooking thermometer), otherwise wax will burn.


Blend into the melting pot some yellow pastels. We remind you that liquid wax is lighter than solid. So check out the nuance, stiffening apart a bit of wax; if you think it’s too pale, add more colour, then keep on mixing.


Add some lemon essential oil and mix ( do not exceed 15ml per 1 litre wax).

Wick and Mold

Dip the wick in the wax for a few seconds then lift back out. Allow the wax to cool between dippings about a minute or so. Continue till the wick become tough. Before pouring the wax, oil the mould to aid candle removing.

Place and stick the wick down the glass, trying to get it at center – during pour it could shift to one side – then pour the wax (be sure to save some). Tie the other end of the wick to a pencil and set the pencil on the glass rim.

When wax is stiffening, you may notice hollows around the wick: in that case, pour other wax to fill.