Christmas decor

Make orange and lemon slice tree ornaments

Cut the oranges or lemons into 1 – 1.5 centimetre thick, round slices.
Place them on a kitchen towel and slightly dab them to remove some of the juice. Turn the oven on 170 deg. Celsius, line the bottom of a cookie sheet with parchment, then place the slices on it, keeping them about 1 cm apart.

Cook in the oven for about 10 minutes, turning them every once in a while. Take them out and let them further dehydrate for 24 hours over paper towels; ideally, place the slices over a hot water- driven heating unit as it would speed up the process and also pleasantly scent the room they are in.

Get the ornaments ready for hanging using steel wire or fishing line; decide how long these should be according to where you want to place them: hang them on the tree, decorate the windows with them or use them on your gifts for a truly original touch.

Grace your table with a citrus centerpiece

Need a simple, quick solution to brighten up your table and give your home a divine fragrance? Easy, “deck your halls” with citrus!

All you need are lemons, oranges and mandarins; stud them with as many cloves as you like, arrange them and… voila’ instant scent feast!

Your arrangements, and heavenly scent, are sure to last for a long time… what could be better than that?