Chromotherapy: yellow lemon!

Yellow foods make you happy!

lecca-leccaDo you know that eating yellow coloured foods, from yellow to orange, influence your mood?

Yellow and orange promote our positive energies: optimism, friendship, openness and communication. Therefore, be aware, because beyond taste and nutritional values, colours play a key role in your feeding. And since every colour means something, when we eat, wherever we are, let us be caught by a particular colour…It means that, certainly, we need it!

We’ll never fail, also Science supports the idea that the natural colours of fruits and vegetables show the presence of a natural pigment (think about carotene), usually healthy for everyone. Yellow, in a special way, improves muscular strength, supports the production of gastric juices, purifies the intestine and reduces the abdominal swelling.

Colour Science

coloriNot all yellowish is yellow…
Have you ever wondered how we can compare the yellow of a lemon with the one of a grapefruit or of a pear?

Colour, brightness and saturation. Yellow belongs to the colour wheel. According to brightness, colours can be classified in light and dark ones. Therefore, between the yellow of a lemon and of a grapefruit, we say that the first is lighter. And so the yellow of a lemon is pretty lighter than the red of a cherry. We can measure brightness alone, apart from the colour. On the contrary, if we analyze saturation or brightness, we state that the yellow of al lemon is not only lighter that the one of a pear, but actually is more brilliant and vivid, because the colour of a pear is matt.
Saturation stands apart from colour and brightness.

Yellow lemon… How many meanings has lemon yellow in history?

  • in the East, yellow is the colour of the Sun, Fruitfulness and Royalty
  • in Ancient Greece, madmen were obliged to dress in yellow to be recognizable
  • in Imperial Japan, only members of the Royal Family dressed in yellow
  • the Maasai, before a fight, used to paint their bodies and shields yellow ochre
  • a lot of American Indians painted a yellow circle around their eyes, in order to hypnotize their enemies and used to wear black and yellow jackets to give an advise: like animals, and especially, like wasps they hide… a dangerous poison!