Cinema sketches

De fresa, limón y menta

Do you remember the muyer on the edge of a nervous attack performed by Carmen Maura? The actress, protagonist of the brilliant Almodovar film, in 1978 had acted a full-length film with the really fresh and agreeable title “De fresa, limòn y menta” (strawberry, lemon and mint), under the direction of Miguel Angel Dìez.

Vodka lemon, not only cocktail

“Vodka lemon” is the winner film in the section “Controcorrente” at the Venice Film Festival in 2003. The director, Hiner Saleem, takes us in the post-soviet Armenia giving us a cross-section of the everyday Kurdish reality, where the main ambition of life seems to be buying vodka in a remote kiosk in the midst of snow and get drunk. Protagonist of the story is Hamo, a widower with three children, who meets Nina, widow and distressed by poverty too. A sweet feeling will arise between them…

Lemon Sky

American TV film with Kevin Bacon, directed by Jan Egleson in1988.

Based on the autobiographical work of Pulitzer prize winner Lanford Wilson, the film “Lemon sky” is structured with a series of flash-backs which tell the story of a youngman abandoned from his father that he has not seen for twelve years. The protagonist is Kevin Bacon, who acts in one of his best

From “Million Dollar baby”

…by Clint Eastwood, we have just taken an idea of lemon, but tasty! The Old-fashioned Lemon Meringue Pie.

From the movie “The Blues Brothers”

Shrimp Cocktail and a bit of blues..