Citrus Tree Bonsai

From Japanese ‘bon’ > ‘tray’ and ‘sai’ > to grow, to bring up, a bonsai is not only a miniature of natural trees, but actually a philosophy of life.

To grow a bonsai you need techniquecreativity and lots of patience.

Bonsai tradition has ancient origins: Plinio the Old in his Naturalis Historia (78 a. C) described the technique of tree reproduction on small-scale, but according to historiography, this art was officially explained in Chinese documents (VI cent.).
Indeed Chinese transmitted bonsai culture to Japanese who, once learned the knowhow, applied Zen esthetic canons to this kind of way of growing trees, called seishi.
Though bonsai is a tree in miniature, it expresses the ‘power’ of a big tree: strength, stability, balance and peacefulness. To watch and prune a bonsai is a form of meditation, a way to achieve positive energy and ease tensions.
Lemon tree could be miniaturized too; let’s see its main features and learn how to grow it healthy and strong.

Scientific name:

Citrus Limon; Family Rutacee


100% akadama (granular clay used as soil for bonsai trees)


In springtime use high potassium fertilizer to add roots grown and fortify tree’s wood.
During summer months, use only slow release organic fertilizer, otherwise roots can be damaged.
Generally, wait fruits drop before doing any fertilization.


Water frequently in spring and summer, less in wintertime


Direct light, outdoor. In winter keep the tree in a cold greenhouse, 3/9 ° Celsius.


In March


Pinch shoots after flowers drop


Broom Style (Hokidachi). The trunk is straight and upright. It branches out in all directions about 1/3 of the way up the entire height of the tree.


In spring, shape younger branches with copper-aluminum wires protected by adhesive paper. We suggest you to extend the stronger branches to favor light filtering.


Every ¾ years in springtime (end of April, May), if the tree is healthy, cut the roots and repot it.

Common diseases

Cochineals, red spider. Do use a fungicide every 15 days and, once a month, an insecticide.