B&G Italian Passion

Limmi - Succo di limone di Sicilia Almost 30 years ago, the B&G project originated in the city of Perugia. It originated from a family united by their passion for the fruits of the earth, excellence in food production, and innovation. It originated from the idea that the juice of a cherished fruit like the lemon could be captured in a bottle, like a magic elixir. Exclusively Sicilian lemons, with their unique, intense aroma, grown, selected and pressed: from the plant to the bottle. Since then, many things have changed. A desire for innovation, an urge to put the spotlight on Italy’s prized food crops, and a drive to broaden our horizons and our markets have led us to extend our range of condiments:
For almost 30 years we have kept alive our passion for quality and for the land, in the service of an ever more attentive and informed modern consumer. For almost 30 years, we have grown alongside you. Every company begins with a dream and a mission. Ours carry the scent of the sun, and of nature. “…The diminutive fire of a planet”, proclaimed Pablo Neruda in his ode to the lemon. An image which remains the symbol of our company in Italy and in many parts of the world.