The Cosmopolitan is the ultimate pink cocktail. Let’s get the necessary ingredients and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation!

Difficulty : easy
Category: beverages and cocktails
Portions: 1
Cuisine: vegan, gluten-free

This surely is one of the most famous cocktails in the world, and particularly loved by women. Originally from the United States of America, the Cosmopolitan became famous thanks to the TV series Sex and the city. You absolutely have to try the amazing combination of sweet and sour typical of this cocktail.
Among the ingredients is the famous cranberry juice, a red variety of blueberries, sold everywhere in America and now also available at our local supermarkets.


    • 40 ml. Vodka
    • 15 ml Cointreau
    • 15 ml LIMMI lime juice
    • 30 ml cranberry juice (red blueberries juice, sold everywhere in America and now readily available in Italian supermarkets)
    • Ice

    Equipment: shaker, martini glass.


ice cosmopolitan

1.  Place the ice in the shaker

We’ll start to prepare our Cosmopolitan with ice. Place the ice in the shaker, and get ready to combine the ingredients.

cosmopolitan- vodka

2. Add the vodka

The second step in the making of our Cosmopolitan calls for vodka: pour it over the ice in the shaker.

cosmopolitan- Cointreau

3. Add the Cointreau

Now it’s time for the Cointreau, which we’ll pour in the shaker to join the other ingredients.

lime juice cosmopolitan

4. Add LIMMI lime juice

And now we add an exotic flair with a bit of fragrant lime juice.


5. Add the cranberry juice

Now we’ll give our cocktail a bit of colour with cranberry juice, and add a touch of cheer to our Cosmopolitan!

6. Shake and pour!

Your Cosmo is almost ready: shake all ingredients and pour the cocktail into the glass, using the shaker cap or a drinks strainer to filter it.