Lemon in a bag

Three children find some lemons in a bag. › The first one takes a half, plus half a lemon. › The second takes the remained half, plus half a lemon. › The third takes half of the remained, plus half

Voodoo Lemon

Do you know that witches used to stick coloured pins into a lemon to bring luck? Received or given as a gift, better if none of the pins is black, this present would bring you happiness, wealth and joy. And

apples and lemons

A celestial legend

A sinful legend, also because the main characters are nevertheless the same of the “Original Sin”, our ancestors Adam and Eve and the prohibited objects of desire…once again fruits! The legend could be called“ “Not only apples… also lemons!” It is said

lost lemon mine

The Mystery of the Lost Lemon Mine

Somewhere in Alberta, Canada, in the Crownest Pass, near Highwood River, it is said there’s a gold vein worth millions discovered during the gold rush era, the legendary Eldorado, by 2 prospectors Frank Lemon and a man known as Blackjack.

Why lemon is yellow?

The yellow colour of lemons depend on bioflavonoids, which belong to the group of flavonoids. Well, actually, it’s not so easy to explain, but etymology can help us. Let’s ensue step by step. Flavonoids and bioflavonoids are compounds that contain

Let’s concentrate with lemon

Let’s concentrate with lemon

According to a research carried out by Takasako, a Japanese company specialized in fragrances, people who work on the computer, make a 54% less mistakes, if the environment smells of lemon. Aromatherapy teaches. Lemon essential oil is used to improve concentration and memory. So let

Una piccola piramide di limonie

Guinness Lemon

The world’s heaviest lemon was born on January 8, 2003 in Kefar Zeitim, Israel and was grown by Aharon Shemoel. How much does it weight? Only 5.265 kg!!!!!    

orange lemon

Botany oddness

In a Florentine garden, in 1640, spread some strange citrus fruits. Their leaves and fruits were a combination between oranges and lemons: lemon with orange’s rind and segments alternately of orange and lemon. Clearly they were grafted hybrids, obtained by the fusion of the

Italian Immigrants

How Italian immigrants were called abroad? In Switzerland, Italian immigrants used to be called ZYDROONESCHITTLER, lemon- shaker. The epithet sends back to the famous poetry of Wolfgang Goethe which inspired the Sehnsucht, the nostalgia of many German artists towards Italy: «Kennst