Lemon shark

The lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris) belongs to order of Carcharhiniformes and to the family Carcharhinidae. This shark inhabits Atlantic and oriental Pacific waters and gets its name “lemon” because of its yellowish – pale brown coloration on the dorsal surface. It has a paler yellowish

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Ever dreamt of lemons?

Lemons in dreams In dreams oranges represent both sweetness and joy of living, while lemons are said to stand for those “sour” and unpleasant aspects often deemed to be a “normal” part of life. This general view however fails to

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Japanese Table Manners

A touch of class…for a special meal Let’s learn from the Japanese… if you have guests for lunch and your menu is based on fish, let them find on the laid table (at the top, on the left side of