D.I.Y. Yeast

Here’s the solution to the problem: a super quick and easy way to make instant yeast with lemon juice… yes, that’s right, the juice of our precious citrus fruit.

The Coronavirus pandemic has driven everyone to cook more than usual.

We are kneading bread, pizza, focaccia, and a lot of sweets, but we can’t always get yeast at the store because of the spike in demand.

Are you having a hard time finding it too?

Although it cannot be stored, this yeast will help “leaven” 500 g of flour using only 2 ingredients. We recommend using this D.I.Y. yeast for sweet doughs.

You will need:

  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon LIMMI lemon juice


The acidity of lemon juice causes the baking soda to produce carbon monoxide. In fact, you’ll see that when they are mixed together, they “fizz”.

Make your dough, and finish it by adding the baking soda and lemon juice mix for a natural, instant leavening action. You may also flavour it with vanillin if you wish. Dough made with this method does not need proofing.

Did you know that…

One way to “help” proof bread dough is adding lemon juice to it.

Lemon in fact strengthens the gluten strands and is particularly effective in combination with spelt, grain and rye flours.

Experiment by adding about 40 ml of lemon juice per kilogram of flour.

Remember that lemon juice has to be added at the start of the bread-making process, meaning when the fresh yeast cake is dissolved in water, before adding flour and salt.