Do it by yourself


Citrus-scented Pout pourry

To perfume and decorate your home, we suggest you a pot pourry arranged with some dried citrus fruits. In a hamper, put some dehydrated slices of lemon and orange, 90 gr. of lemon verbena and some camomile flowers. Add 4 drops of lemon and

decorare uova di pasqua

Decorating Easter Eggs

How to decorate eggs naturally? All the ideas and techniques to fill your Easter with color!


Christmas decor

Make orange and lemon slice tree ornaments Cut the oranges or lemons into 1 – 1.5 centimetre thick, round slices. Place them on a kitchen towel and slightly dab them to remove some of the juice. Turn the oven on



Here you find out what you need to create a coloured and citrus-scented fruitpot: 1 high and large glass pot (37x18x18 cm) 1 tile of synthetic sponge (55x32x23cm) 2 or 3 sticks of willow 80 dried wheels of citrus fruits


Lemon Pyramid

What you need 1 glass 1 dish 1 pyramid made of synthetic sponge Iron wire 20 little sticks 9-10 coloured leaves of cordyline ( plant belongs to Lily family) 20 lemons (or limes) What to do  Put the spongy pyramid