French Pastry


Let’s discover Paris, the undisputed capital of charm and of a pastry tradition that conquered the world.

Tarte Tatin, Millefoglie, Saint Honoré, and a series of delicious  gâteau, galette, and flan have turned pâtisserie francaise into an icon of the sweetest moment of each meal, which, needless to say, is defined by the over Alpine term dessert.

If you plan to visit the French capital, make sure your itinerary includes 3 pastry shops akin to  haute couture for pastry lovers:

  1. Boutique of Pierre Hermé, at no. 72 Rue Bonaparte
  2. Pâtisserie du Panthéon of famous pastry chef Sebastien Degradin, at no. 200 Rue Saint Jacques
  3. To indulge your sweet tooth with treats by chef Arnaud Larther, plan to visit his shop at 75006 Rue de la Seine

And, if you wish to recreate the magical atmosphere of the elegant Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter at home, just get your hands in the dough.

Are you ready? Here is our special selection of French desserts.