Gin Lemon

The secret for a truly special gin lemon is lemonade, the so-called sweet and sour base for all sour cocktails, which you can freeze and use as needed.

Gin lemon cocktailPut 250 g of sugar in 250 cl of water, and mix it thoroughly till dissolved. Add 500 ml of LIMMI lemon juice, or 250 ml of lemon juice and 250 ml of LIMMI lime juice. Mix the lemonade thoroughly, transfer it to a bottle and put it in the refrigerator. We recommend using it within 1 week.

Now, let’s see how to prepare a delicious gin lemon.

Here is what you’ll need:

  •  6 cl of gin
  • 4 cl lemonade (made with the recipe found here, just a few lines above)

Mix the ingredients, pour the cocktail in a tumbler (a glass shaped like a cylinder or truncated cone, generally used for cocktails) over ice and enjoy this delightful tasting marriage of gin and lemon juice flavours.


Curious for more? History of gin

Gin has been distilled from aromatic juniper berries together with wheat, barley and grain, since the year 1600. This alcoholic remedy was invented by professor of medicine and botanist Franciscus de le Boë Sylvius, to cure Dutch soldiers afflicted by fever in the West Indies. From the Netherlands gin monumentally spread to the U.K., where it even became part of the workers’ salary.