Ginger And Lemon Juice: what a combo!

How can you consume lemon juice and ginger?

There are many efficient ways to benefit from the properties of ginger and lemon juice. Here are the 3 we recommend to help cleanse your body, eliminate toxins, and make you feel lighter and full of energy again.


In the morning, on an empty stomach, prepare a nice cup of lukewarm water flavoured with LIMMI  lemon & ginger.

This will help to nput the natural “health flow” in circulation, relieve boating and fill you up with positive energy.

Snack time

Lemon and ginger go hand in hand with being in a good mood. Their yellow colour will boost your energy and vitality even on rainy days, heighten your senses, and make you feel good all over.

At snack time, enjoy a smoothie made by blending 8 tablespoons of LIMMI  lemon & ginger , 1 apple, and 1 celery stalk.

It is tasty, extremely good for you and highly depurative.

Lunch and dinner

Prepare a delicate tasting and fragrant condiment by mixing extra virgin olive oil with LIMMI  lemon & ginger. This dressing is perfect for meat, fish and salads and gives a special oriental taste.

Try the unique taste of lemon & ginger  with this delicate and tasty recipe: orange, banana, lemon and ginger shake