Hiking and Trekking

Some call it hiking, others trekking, and some still use the term “walking”.
It all boils down to: walking.
You may do it in the city, in a park, in the mountains, along a lake or seashore, wearing boots or barefoot, as in Neil Simon’s comedic play.

You can choose to do it Nordic walking style, using sticks or poles to help balance your weight and support your gait even on the most uneven paths.

Walking is surely an outdoor activity within reach of both children and adults. It can be practiced anywhere in the world, is affordable, and has a lot of beneficial effects.

Placing a foot in front of the other promotes psychological and physical well-being: it relieves anxiety and depression, trains the cardiovascular system, tones muscles, burns calories, boosts digestion, helps you breathe better and more deeply, recharging your positive energy, strengthens your bones, and is a low-impact workout with little risk of injury.

Walking is all about exhaling stress and inhaling oxygen; it’s listening to the sounds of nature and getting lost in thoughts that, step by step, become lighter and clearer.

Walking also means of discovering and exploring nature. Try this app – Android and iOS –  to identify flowers, and perhaps find some of the yellow ones we talked about in our floriography article.

Walking lets you have fun and learn many new things! Don’t forget to stop along the way to take some pictures, and keep hydrated with our thirst-quenching lemonade  or refreshing flavoured water.