International cultivar

Eureka (U.S.A.)
It is the most common variety in America and it exists also in Spain. This variety, appreciated for the fruit, juicy and with no pips, has a disadvantage: it doesn’t tolerate low temperatures well.

Lisbon (U.S.A. Florida)
This variety is very common in Florida. Differently from the cultivar Eureka, it is more thorny and it tolerates low temperatures much better.

The cultivar Eureka and Lisbon don’t exist in the Mediterranean Countries, in particular in Italy. They are very susceptible to the Phoma tracheiphila,and to import them from California, where the Phoma tracheiphila does not exist, has never seemed wise.

Villafranca (Florida, Spain)
Selection cloned from the variety Eureka. It is grown above all in Florida but it is also one of the most common varieties in Spain. It is a strong and very productive plant which produces middle-big sized fruit with many pips and rich in juice, sour and aromatic.

Mesero (Spain)
This lemon, existing in Spain but less common than the Berna variety, produces fruit appreciated for their quantity of juice (a quite sour juice) and of essential oils, but also of pips (9-10).

Other international cultivar

Berna or Verna (Spain)
Genoa (Argentina)
Karystini (Greece)

Countries where lemons are grown:

Italy: 90% Sicily, Campania and Calabria what is left
U.S.A.: above all California and Florida