Japanese Table Manners

A touch of class…for a special meal

Let’s learn from the Japanese… if you have guests for lunch and your menu is based on fish, let them find on the laid table (at the top, on the left side of each plate) a small bowl on which you have put a folded small towel precisely white or ecru (or a large hard-wearing cotton napkin).Around the middle of the meal, pour a little lemon juice, already diluted with some slightly warm water, on each napkin. Pay attention to the quantity poured, which has to be moderate, not to oblige your guests to wring out the cloth!

On the other hand, if you’ve got a small table, just prepare in your kitchen a pretty bowl filled up with lukewarm water and lemon juice: dip the pipe-folded towels, wring them out and give to the guests. Thus, they won’t wait the end of the meal to have cleaned and scented hands…

This of the damped towel is a great idea when you serve second courses, but if your starters are rich in seafood to eat with hands, well, provide the towels earlier!

Your guests will be grateful.