Lemon Essence


  • Stimulates and invigorates attention and intellectual faculties
  • Improves happiness
  • Avoids stress
  • Helps salivation and recovers your appetite… makes anyone’s mouth water!
  • Bights up, greases off, purifies
  • Very useful if you suffer from acne, glossy skin, ephelis or wrinkles
  • Anti- rheumatic
  • Assists digestion, stimulates pancreas and liver and reduces hyperchlorhydria and heartburn
  • Gives strength to fragile nails
  • It has antiseptic and haemostatic properties, extremely important if you have a wound or an infection
  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing
  • Improves venous circulation and it’s a “blood fluidifier”
  • Relives from otitis
  • Useful if you suffer from headache


If you suffer from low pressure: an excessive employ of lemon essential oil can cause you collapses and can bring your pressure down.
Avoid any external application or ingestion before being exposed to the sun: lemon essence is photosensitive!