Lemon frangrant decoration

Do you want to perfume and “perk up” your courses?

Here, some possible garnishes with the “golden pome”.

  • Lemon Half Moon

Wash the lemon and cut it horizontally into slices. Gather all the slices… you’ve got a flower!

  • Lemon Wheel

Cut horizontally the lemon in very slight slices, throwing away the two ends.

  • Lemon Wave

Divide a lemon into two parts and cut it in very thin slices. Curve the centre of the flesh, paying attention not to damage the rind. Hold sweetly the ends and twist them in opposite directions.

  • Lemon Curl

Slice a lemon, cut only the yellow part (do not include any white part) and mind that a part of the rind is tied to the fruit. Roll up and fasten the rind with a knot.

  • Rocking Lemon

Cut the lemon in slices and then the slices in halves. Curve in the centre of the flesh one of that halves and then embed into the centre of the other half.

  • Lemon Rose

Choose a lemon with a smooth rind. With a sharp paring knife, peel in a continuous unbroken strip, making the cuts jagged and wavy as your knife goes around the lemon. Coil the lemon in a circle and roll up to resemble a flower; if you keep rolling the inner rind, you’ll have a rose.