Lemon Granita in 3 steps

It’s hot, you have no time or desire to cook, but crave a yummy dessert?

I’s very easy!

You’ll need

  • 250 ml LIMMI Sweet lemon juice
  • 500 gr ice cubes
  1. Crush the ice using a food processor, (or wrap the ice in a kitchen towel and crush it with a rolling pin beforehand).
  2. Put the ice in a glass and pour Limmi Sweet.
  3. Enjoy your fresh dessert!

Voilà, the granita is ready to freshen-up your summer!

For those who love cocktails and fancy drinks

Pour Limmi Sweet lemon juice directly into ice cube trays and freeze them. Use these sweet lemon ice cubes to chill and flavor your water, soft drinks or cocktails at any given time.