Limmi: taste of the year 2013

Sensory evaluation reveals: Limmi is the best tasting lemon juice of all!

Close your eyes… imagine your taste buds bathing in lemon scented nectar, feel the sweet freshness of the heavenly fruit inebriate your body and make your face light up with a smile. Ah, so good!

Now, open your eyes and there, right in front of you… LIMMI Lemon Juice and LIMMI Sweet, TASTE OF THE YEAR 2013
LIMMI Limone original and LIMMI Sweet version won the TASTE OF THE YEAR 2013 consumers certified quality award.

The certification is awarded only to products that pass a taste test judged solely by consumers. The objective is to measure overall satisfaction based on different product characteristics such as smell, consistency and taste. The test is carried out at certified laboratories that specialize in sensory analysis.

Yet another guarantee and official recognition of market leading quality. Ultimately it all comes down to juice, pure lemon juice preferred by consumers world-wide, named Limmi.