Limone Piemonte

How to get to Limone Piemonte

Set your GPS for the north-western Italian-French border, and the province of Cuneo.
By automobile, you can reach Limone from Turin by taking the A6 expressway and exit at Fossano, or at Mondovi if coming from Genoa or Savona, and the A10 if coming from Ventimiglia.
Those who travel by train can use the Torino-Cuneo Ventimiglia railway.
There are many bus lines available as well as a local bus route that connects Limone and Lemonotto with the ski lifts and facilities, which makes it easier for people who think of holidays as a time to relax, without the stress of driving, traffic and parking, to have a truly great time!
Limone is a unique alpine village, filled with charm and beauty, sustained by year-round tourism. Surrounded by towering mountains and a bounty of safe trails for long walks, it offers plenty of fresh, invigorating mountain air that benefits seniors and children alike all summer long. In winter, under a blanket of snow and magically cradled by high peaks, it becomes a white wonderland and one the top skiing destinations in Italy.

The ski slopes

There are over 80 km of ski slopes, equipped with 1 gondola lift, 11 chair lifts, 4 t-bar lifts, a 6 km long loop trail for cross-country skiing, and one of the top rated ski schools in Italy, “Scuola Sci Limone”, with higly skilled, professional instructors available to teach beginners and advanced skiers any technique they wish to learn or perfect.

The Scuola Sci Limone is very active, and has organized women’s World Cup championships, Italian men’s Champioships, Italian military Championships and has always been a stout promoter of the sport and competition, intended as being an enjoyable, healthy moment of personal growth. Obviously, like any other respectable school, it welcomes young people in particular, who embody the future of the sport. Scuola Sci Limone alumni consistently rank among the best skiers at the national level.

The ski season in Limone spans from December to Easter. There is always plenty of fresh, clean snow in this small village, adored by skiers and kissed by teeming clouds!
Moreover, should winter be particularly stingy, Limone has all the equipment required to make its own artificial snow, so if you’re thinking about booking a ski holiday, don’t be deterred by fickle weather forecasts.

Beyond skiing

Social activities abound and make it impossible to be bored. The municipality and a variety of sports and cultural associations organize many events, such as the Christmas Market, famous for the extravagant array of holiday decorations, antiques, and books on local traditions.
Limone also has a theatre that hosts carefully selected plays, and lots of bars, restaurants and night clubs where you can drink, eat and dance, as well as many lodging and hotel facilities with special offers designed to pamper guests.
Start packing and book your fun-filled skiing holiday week in the citrusy wonderland of Piedmont.

Limone Piemonte awaits you!