Magic lemon: enchantments, potions and symbolisms

Lemon, according to some schools of thought, is associated with lunar and feminine essence. The Christian tradition often links the image of the lemon tree with the one of Virgin Mary, not only because of its bright fruit with a sweet fragrance and pleasant shape, but also because rich in curative properties, not least that of being a remedy against poisons.

In the meantime, the yellowish of the lemon reminds the sunrays’ lightness, which assists the growth of that fruit, conferring on lemon trees a positive and redeeming value, often used superstitiously to ward off Devil from homes.

The lemon tree blooms and bears fruits all year. Lemon is “juicy” and genuine as love, that’s way often it’s considered the symbol of faithfulness and fecundity.

For a protected and quiet life

Take a forelock of your hair in three different points of your head, during three following different days, and damp it with a bit of holy oil. Add some whale grease, a segment of chopped garlic, 10 drops of blessed wine. Leave all that stuff out on the windowsill, in a little dish covered with a red piece of cloth.
Afterwards, chop some liquorice’s root and mix it to the rest. Add three drops of lemon during three days, being careful to do this when the bells have rang midday. Thus, spread this compound on a very little diamond. It’s considered to be a powerful amulet that will help us in case of troubles.


How does a lemon go to the bathroom? It squeezes itself!!!

Limonare is an informal and colloquial Italian word which means ‘pet’ or ‘snog’. The verb derives from ‘lemon’, maybe with an allusion to the fact that lemons used to be sold in pairs.