Mosquitoes bites

Let’s picture summer: sun, sea, fun and… mosquitoes! Lemon, once more, can help us to get rid of that tiresome insects. Let’s find out how.

Firstly, be sure that the place you’re in is mosquitoes-proof.
In a diffuser pour 20 drops of lemon essential oil with half a litre of water. The citrus fragrance will keep mosquitoes away.

As an alternative, you could use some lemon or citronella scented candles. If you must leave your safe fortress, well… be prepare to resist to the assault with a natural lotion, arranged with 10 drops of lemon essence and 50 ml of wheat germ oil. Massage till it will be fully absorbed. Your skin, perfumed and soft, will be an authentic shield against mosquitoes.

If the enemy have hit you, leaving its irritating sting as a trophy in you skin… don’t get daunt! With a tweezers, remove the sting and message the injured side with a moisture set with 1 or 2 drops of lemon essential oil diluted in honey. Dab it with a hanky, soaked in water and lemon vinegar.