Potted Lemon Trees

In the last century villas and real estates used to have a lemonier or orangery, a particular greenhouse to recover citrus in wintertime (today is chiefly a storeroom). Citrus tree pots were handmade with the family coat of arms on and were, up till now, called “lemon tree pots”.

Still today to grow potted citrus is trendy: someone has a little plant grown indoor in terracotta or plastic pots, others keep it outdoor (balcony, garden) in full sunshine.

To cultivate potted lemon trees, we suggest you this mould:

  • 3 parts compact and heavy soil
  • 1 part decomposed leaves
  • 1 part peat moss
  • ½ mature manure
  • 17″ big-grain river sand

You shouldn’t use pots which are bigger than the tree (it could suffer more than in a smaller one) and you must pay attention to the drainage.

It’s enough to repot every 4-5 years, but it’s necessary apply organic liquid fertilizer.

Do not prune frequently: just trim branches at summer end to shape the tree up. You should remove grown-up fruits to help new production along.

A dash of colour

Match some coloured plants with your potted lemon tree, it’ll be sparkling beautiful. Draw up alongside the pot 3 or 4 little plants of Pendulous petunia or Ivy geranium and let it dangle. They’ll blossom all summer with no problems for the citrus tree.

Look at this article, for tips to grow lemon outdoor.