Limmi IGP Lemon Juice

The Limmi family also includes IGP Syracuse lemon juice, made entirely with prized “origin certified” lemons from the most prestigious citrus growing region in the world.

Limmi takes pride in being the first brand in the world to offer juice made solely from origin certified lemons.

IGP lemons are cultivated, harvested and processed only within the limited geographical area that constitutes the City of Syracuse province.

This juice derives its superior organoleptic characteristics from the specific variety of lemon used to make it,  which is  extremely flavourful and fragrant;  the characteristic qualities of Syracuse IGP lemons Femminello di Siracusa have been recognized, appreciated and sought after by consumers worldwide for more than a century.
More than 30% juicier than other lemons.

The record-breaking oil rich glands, medium-large size, even shape and high citric acid content make these lemons prized like no others in the world.
Characterized by a persistent and highly aromatic fragrance, the Limmi “IGP Syracuse lemon juice” derives its extraordinary flavour from the rich pulp and high quality essential oils. The result is a truly unique fragrance that is as bright and flavourful as the sunny land it comes from.

Product tracking

Each phase of the IGP production process is monitored and recorded. This ensures tracking and traceability of the product (Syracuse Lemon IGP Production Control Procedures art. 4). Limmi IGP Syracuse has a fresh, solar profile that blends unmistakable Limmi quality with an elegant, refined, strongly evocative and appealing design.

A bottle with its own special sleeve designed for consumers who appreciate the superior quality guaranteed by a glass pack, and filled with a product strongly tied to the land where the very best  Sicilian lemons originate from.

La bottiglietta di succo di limone Limmi IGP