Limmi Lemon and Ginger

It’s an authentic and wholesome taste experience!

Are you aware of the innumerable properties of lemon?

And are you familiar with ginger and all of its benefits? Ginger (Zingiber officinalis), is a perennial herbaceous plant native to Asia. Its rhizome (root) contains an abundance of  active constituents, including essential oils and antioxidant phenolic compounds, most famously gingerols and shogaols,  which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. It promotes digestion, peripheral circulation,  has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and is traditionally known to help retain and exalt the flavour of dishes customarily associated with it. The rhizome is also a proven antiemetic (relieves nausea and vomiting), antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Synergic consumption of lemon and ginger boosts the effects of both elements, which:

Limmi Lemon and Ginger is the best way to start your day!

For a truly “good morning”, stir 3 tablespoons of Limmi Lemon and Ginger into a cup of warm water and drink it before breakfast.

It will soon become your own daily habit.

And, for an enticingly spicy twist, add a splash of Limmi Lemon and Ginger to any salad, fish or meat dish.

It will also give a delightful, lively zing to your cocktails and aperitifs

A bottle of Limmi lemon and ginger juice