Limmi Sweet

Limmi Sweet & Sour- The Sweet Side of Lemon

Limmi Sweet & Sour lemon juice now contains more lemon, for an even tastier and wholesome combination of 70% lemon juice and 30% fructose. The sweetness of fructose – the natural sugar in fruit – combines with the sourness of lemon to create a unique tasting product, ideal for preparing many delicious and creative recipes in an instant: wholesome thirst-quenching beverages, fruit-based dishes, ice creams, sorbets,  cocktails. Explosive lemon flavor at your fingertips, ready to enjoy! The unique taste of Limmi Sweet & Sour lemon juice perfectly enhances a variety of delectable treats. Limmi Sweet & Sour lets you quickly create:
  • Thirst-quenching lemonades
  • Ultra-refreshing sorbets
  • Invigorating ice pops
  • Delicious fruit salads
  • Inebriating cocktails
  • Wholesome smoothies
  • Aromatic teas and infusions
And how do you tickle your taste buds with the unmistakable flavour of Limmi Sweet & Sour? Share your sweet & sour lemon-scented recipe!