Aphrodisiac Cocktail

Love cocktail

The ultimate aphrodisiac cocktail is lemon-scented. You’ve got to try it to believe it! Show-off your bartending skills on St. Valentine’s Day, or on occasion of a romantic cadle-lit dinner, by serving your beloved this truly memorable drink.



An enthralling alternative to mulled wine. A blend of sweet and fragrant flavours, perfect to keep yourself warm on snowy peaks, but also excellent to sip in front of a crackling fireplace. The aroma of cinnamon and lemon, together with the full-bodied and suave notes of the rum, can warm up event the harshest winters. To prepare […]

Skiwasser, the skiers’ drink


January is the time of family ski vacations. Snow envelopes and softens the landscape of mountain destinations from Limone Piemonte to the Dolomites. Landscapes cloaked by white snow that shimmers in the sun, wonderlands for those looking to spend an entire week skiing or snowboarding. How can you face even the most challenging slopes with […]

Mulled Wine

vin brulè

ulled wine, of the kind you sip from a steamy and fragrant cup with gloves on. Have you ever tried to make it at home?
Here is what you need to make and enjoy a delightful cup of mulled wine (hot wine), or Glühwein

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Bridget Jones’ favorite drink, the Bloody Mary, was created by George Jessel in 1939. It’s usually served, and much enjoyed, in the morning. Ingredients 50 ml Vodka 100 ml tomato juice 30 ml Limmi lemon juice a few drops of Worcestershire sauce a few drops of Tabasco sauce one dash of salt one dash of […]

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules

The Moscow Mule was created in the 1940′ in America, to relaunch the beverage made by mixing ginger beer (made with ginger, sugar, water, lemon juice and yeast) and Russian vodka. The long drink was served in large copper mugs bearing the engraved image of a mule, by which it became known as “Moscow Mule”. 4 cl […]

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

This cocktail was created in the early 1900′ to celebrate Cuba’s independence from Spain, achieved with the help of the United States.  It is said that American and Cuba soldiers used to mix rum (Cuban) with cola (American), and make a toast to ¡Por Cuba libre! Ingredients 2-3 ice cubes 1 and 1/2 parts White […]

Gin Lemon

Gin lemon

The secret for a truly special gin lemon is lemonade, the so-called sweet and sour base for all sour cocktails, which you can freeze and use as needed. Put 250 g of sugar in 250 cl of water, and mix it thoroughly till dissolved. Add 500 ml of LIMMI lemon juice, or 250 ml of […]


Liven up your summer fiestas with a refreshing beverage from the caliente España . Ingredients 1 litre red wine ½ litre orange juice 500 ml Limmi lemon juice (two 250 ml bottles or one 500 ml bottle) 3 tablespoons sugar 1 pinch cinnamon 1 small glass of your favourite liquor (Rum, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, Triple sec) […]