Main Course

Chicory with lemon

Chicory with lemon

Chicory is known for its slightly bitter flavour and cleansing properties that promote diuresis. Chicory is easy to prepare and this version is the best you’ll ever taste.

Savoury panettone

Savoury Panettone

A classic savoury holiday dish, made by stuffing and stacking multiple layers to form the most traditional of “Christmas sculptures”.

Primo Sale cheese

Homemade Primo Sale cheese

This low calorie, tasty cheese pairs well with a salad or an appetizer , and can be personalized with rocket, walnuts, and anything else you can dream of.

poke bowl

Hawaii: Poke Bowl

This unique and fresh traditional recipe from the beloved islands of surfers, Hawaii, is usually made with raw fish, rice, and vegetables. The Poke Bowl, which literally means bowl of diced food – poke or poké (pronounced “poh-kay”) in Hawaiian

ricotta e lemon

D.I.Y. Ricotta

How about an elegant dessert or a light ricotta-based lunch? What? You’re out of ricotta?! No problem; let’s make it at home with just 3 ingredients.

salmon and zucchini pie

Salmon, Zucchini and Chives Quiche

The perfect dish for when you don’t feel like cooking but crave something tasty. A brilliant and practical dish to enjoy on spring outings. A simple, gourmet appetizer for your cocktail hour with friends. We have no doubt that this

Rustic Vegan Wreath

Rustic Vegan Wreath

For the dough 300 g whole wheat flour 1 tablespoon salt 60 ml Aulus extra-virgin olive oil 120 ml water On a flat surface, mix all ingredients adding water a little at a time. Knead the dough till smooth and

artichokes pie

Rustic Chicken and Artichokes Pie

Artichokes are always taste good, even uncooked and are even better if prepared in advance, with lemon juice. Today we’ll use them for a delicious, quick and easy dish, which only takes 25 minutes to prepare. Ready? Here’s what you’ll need