Energizing Smoothie

Energizing Smoothie

Beta carotene for your skin, celery for diuresis, a pinch of ginger to facilitate digestion and a full dose of  vitamin C ensured by chard and lemon juice. This energizing smoothie is ideally suited for any break, after a nice

cherries and lemon detox water
3 Steps Recipes

Detox Water in 3 Steps

This simple, thirst-quenching beverage enhances the beneficial properties of its ingredients. Lemon juice and strawberry water detoxyfies cleanses and helps remove toxins from the body. All you need to prepare this detox water to sip at work or the gym

strawberry crumble

Strawberry Crumble

A strawberrylicious dessert to enjoy at the end of a meal, or at tea time. Crumble is a traditional British baked fruit dessert, with a topping made of flour, sugar and butter, created during World War II as a result

Salmon and zucchini puff pastry
Main Course

Salmon, Zucchini and Chives Quiche

The perfect dish for when you don’t feel like cooking but crave something tasty. A brilliant and practical dish to enjoy on spring outings. A simple, gourmet appetizer for your cocktail hour with friends. We have no doubt that this

delizia al limone

Delizia al limone

No dessert is more lemony and delicious than the so-called “Delizia al Limone”, lemon delight.

Love cocktail
Alcoholic cocktails

Aphrodisiac Cocktail

The ultimate aphrodisiac cocktail is lemon-scented. You’ve got to try it to believe it! Show-off your bartending skills on St. Valentine’s Day, or on occasion of a romantic cadle-lit dinner, by serving your beloved this truly memorable drink.

Alcoholic cocktails


An enthralling alternative to mulled wine. A blend of sweet and fragrant flavours, perfect to keep yourself warm on snowy peaks, but also excellent to sip in front of a crackling fireplace. The aroma of cinnamon and lemon, together with the full-bodied