biscotti con fichi

Settembrini cookies with fig filling

The 1980s cookie with the mouthwatering shortbread and settembrini filling. These fig cookies will turbocharge your breakfast and add a super-healthy vintage twist to snacktime for young and old alike. Ingredients [For the shortbread] 150g 00 flour 60g sugar 60g

succo di mela
3 Steps Recipes

Apple juice

Apples, with their polyphenols and rich in B vitamins as well as vitamins C and A, occupy a prestigious place among an elite group of antioxidant fruits. Their fiber aids digestion and relieves constipation, and their thirst-quenching juice is a

alici marinate

Lemon marinated anchovies

Some people call them European sardines, some call them anchovies, and some – in Romagna – call them “sardone”, even though they aren’t related to sardines. They’re usually eaten stuffed, salted, in a paste or sauce form and are characteristic

insalata di sgombro e avocado

Mackerel and avocado salad

When the heat makes you feel like not cooking, when you want a quick salad to take with you to the gym or to work, when you’re dieting and want to fill up on magnesium and omega 3 to brighten


Lemon Gelè

Lemon Gelè is a famous dessert of the culinary tradition of Sicily, loved for its freshness and simplicity in preparation, with a few simple ingredients.


Glazed squid skewers

Squids, when combined with lemon juice, become a tasty and light second course.
Their delicacy goes perfectly with the freshness of the lemon juice, creating a delicious contrast of flavours

risotto scampi limone e zafferano
First Course

Risotto with scampi and lemon and saffron cream

Risotto with scampi and lemon and saffron cream is a first course full of Mediterranean flavors and aromas. The sweetness of the scampi combines with the intense aroma of saffron and the freshness of lemon juice, which gives a touch

polpette di merluzzo

Lemon cod meatballs

A light main course to get you back into shape in a most delicious way.
An easily digestible fish, recommended for all low-calorie diets.