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Hummus with vegetables
Dressing and sauces

Hummus with vegetables

Wondering what to do with the boiled carrots and zucchini left from making vegetable broth? Wishing you could turn your leftover vegetables into a new, colourful dish? Then keep reading, as we came up with a way to use them

French toast

Lemon Pain Perdu (French Toast)

  Do you have bread left over? Here’s a creative, delicious and sustainable way to use it. In French pain perdu – or pane perduto in Italian – means “lost bread” meaning bread that is stale and therefore too hard

poke bowl
International recipes

Hawaii: Poke Bowl

This unique and fresh traditional recipe from the beloved islands of surfers, Hawaii, is usually made with raw fish, rice, and vegetables. The Poke Bowl, which literally means bowl of diced food – poke or poké (pronounced “poh-kay”) in Hawaiian

Tarte au citron

France: Tarte au citron

Ready to make the famous French tarte au citron? If you wish to try the tarte au citron meringuée version, make the meringue topping a few minutes before serving the tart. 


France: Savarin

Savarin is a classic French pastry treat, also widely known as babà alla francese (French-style babà) due to its dough similarity with the most famous sweet treat of Parthenopean tradition. It takes its name from French gastronome and author Brillat-Savarin, and can also be found in kirsch or rum-spiked syrup versions.  

Chicken with honey and lemon sauce
International recipes

Thailand: Chicken with honey and lemon sauce

This Oriental sweet and sour recipe combines the bright scent of lemon with the sweet taste of honey. You can serve this tasty version of chicken as a second course, or accompanied by basmati rice or noodles.

lemon macarons

Lemon Macarons

Do you know the origin of this all-time favorite cookie’s name? Macaron derives from the Italian word maccarone or maccherone, which in turn comes from the Italian verb ammaccare, which means to pound, strike or crush. According to folklore, macarons were invented in Venice in the 16th


UK: Fish & Chips with Lemon Vinaigrette

From England the original Fish & Chips recipe. Are you ready to tasty it, sipping cold lemon Radler? Ingredients 4 cod filets 55 gr flour type 00 55 gr corn starch salt and pepper to taste 1 teaspoon yeast 75

indian rice with lemon
International recipes

Indian Rice with Lemon

A vegan, spicy and fragrant traditional Indian recipe, which includes urad dal (found in ethnic food shops), tender and creamy black Indian beans, characterized by a very unique, strong flavor. Remember to pick up what you need for this dish