mousse mascarpone cheese and lemon

Lemon Mascarpone Mousse

I can resist everything except temptation. Oscar Wilde A quick and tasty recipe… difficult to resist! Ingredients 250 gr mascarpone cheese 90 gr sugar 5 tbs Limmi lemon juice 200 ml whipping cream A pinch of salt Preparation Whisk together

fruit leather

Fruit Leather Rolls

When we have a lot of fruit and don’t want it to spoil, what do we do? Make jam! But what if we were to tell you that there’s another way to preserve fruit and turn it into a yummy,

Iced tea in glasses
3 Steps Recipes

Lemon Iced Tea in 3 steps

Do you want to prepare a thirst quenching lemon tea in only 3 steps? Use Limmi Sweet & Sour! ❶ Pour 1 liter of water to boil, at the boiling point switch off and put in 2 tea bags for

3 Steps Recipes

Lemonade in 3 steps

Do you want to make a refreshing lemonade in just 3 steps? Don’t worry Limmi Sweet & Sour will take care of it! ❶ Pour 1 liter of water (still or sparkling) into a jug with ice ❷ Add a

water and lemon cake

Water and Lemon Juice Cake

Have you ever tried the famous water cake? Discover its vegan version, made without lactose, butter or eggs.

apple and figs pie

Apples and Figs Pie

La genuinità della marmellata di fichi, preparata secondo la ricetta della nonna, si unisce al sapore inconfondibile della mela e al profumo inebriante del succo di limone Limmi in questa crostata di mele e fichi da leccarsi i baffi!

Figs Jam and Limmi Lemon Juice

Figs Jam

Here is a quick and easy figs jam recipe, straight out of grandma’s cookbook.

Mojito ice cream

Mojito Ice Cream

Mojito solidified into a delightful dessert. An adults dessert – with rum among the ingredients – which, made without alcohol, becomes a yummy, kids-friendly mid-afternoon snack. How about giving it a try? You won’t even need an ice cream maker.