Savoury panettone

Savoury Panettone

A classic savoury holiday dish, made by stuffing and stacking multiple layers to form the most traditional of “Christmas sculptures”.

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Edible place cards

Zero waste, everything gets eaten, even the place cards!
Check out this charming table setting idea with edible custom place cards.

Hummus with vegetables
Dressing and sauces

Hummus with vegetables

Wondering what to do with the boiled carrots and zucchini left from making vegetable broth? Wishing you could turn your leftover vegetables into a new, colourful dish? Then keep reading, as we came up with a way to use them

French toast

Lemon Pain Perdu (French Toast)

  Do you have bread left over? Here’s a creative, delicious and sustainable way to use it. In French pain perdu – or pane perduto in Italian – means “lost bread” meaning bread that is stale and therefore too hard

Lemon scaloppine

Lemon scaloppine

Last-minute dinner guests? Family supper ideas? This super quick lemon-scented second course is sure to impress! The Italian term scaloppina derives from the French noun escalope, and refers to   thinly sliced veal, chicken or turkey, flavoured and further enhanced by

Granola with a hint of lemon

Granola with a hint of Lemon

This wholesome grains, dry fruit and nuts-based granola with a hint of lemon scent can be used immediately or stored in airtight glass jars.

Pumpkin confiture
Dressing and sauces

Pumpkin Jam

Besides cream soups and carvings, with pumpkin you can make jam bound to delight both sweet and savoury food lovers.

Primo Sale cheese
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Homemade Primo Sale cheese

This low calorie, tasty cheese pairs well with a salad or an appetizer , and can be personalized with rocket, walnuts, and anything else you can dream of.

Dressing and sauces

Homemade Mascarpone cheese

Longing to make our yummy lemon tiramisu but you’re out of mascarpone?
We have the recipe for you: all you need are cream and lemon juice. Isn’t it amazing?