avocado toast
3 Steps Recipes

Avocado toast with salmon

This vegan appetizer is rich in omega 3, which is good for the heart and skin. It’s super quick to prepare, and highly recommended for a stars and stripes-themed happy hour or a healthy snack. Avocados are indigenous to central

poke bowl
International recipes

Hawaii: Poke Bowl

This unique and fresh traditional recipe from the beloved islands of surfers, Hawaii, is usually made with raw fish, rice, and vegetables. The Poke Bowl, which literally means bowl of diced food – poke or poké (pronounced “poh-kay”) in Hawaiian

cold sliced veal
Dressing and sauces

Veal with tuna sauce and lemon

It is said that the original, 18th century recipe for vitèl tonné did not include tuna fish, and the French adjective tonné was merely used to reference the tuna-like preparation of the veal. Chef Artusi’s 1891 recipe was the first

penne with rocket
3 Steps Recipes

Cold pasta with lemon and rocket

A quick, fresh and highly digestible summer entrée, this cold dish is perfect for lunch at the beach or to carry in your backpack and eat on the trail. Ingredients [ for 2 servings ] 200 gr penne pasta 3

ginger spritz
3 Steps Recipes

Ginger spritz

  A revamped version of the most classic aperitif. Serve it in Prosecco wine glasses with a few strawberries on the side for dipping in a delicious lemon cream. Ingredients for 2 glasses 250 ml Prosecco wine 250 ml Aperol

ginger chicken

Lemon and ginger chicken tenders

A light, quick second course even novice cooks can easily master. Ideal for those who love oriental flavours, mind their weight, and wish to try new recipes. You can serve lemon and ginger chicken tenders with fragrant Oriental salad or

Lemon and ricotta doughnuts

Lemon and ricotta doughnuts

This light, delicious sweet treat is perfect for breakfast, snack time, or whenever you crave something tasty, yet quick to make, low in calories, free of butter as well as… guilt!

Linden infusion
Herbal Tea

Linden infusions

Do you feel stressed, sleep badly or feel trapped in a maze of racing thoughts? Are you experiencing the first symptoms of menopause do you feel bloated and overly irritable?

Salmoriglio Sauce
Dressing and sauces

Salmoriglio Sauce

Looking to perk up your dishes? A perfect grilling marinade? Salmoriglio sauce is exactly what you need: an explosion of citrusy Mediterranean flavours that perfectly enhance grilled meats and fish. Also known as sammurigghiu, salmurigghiu or salamarigghiu (Calabrian and Sicilian terms